Monday, November 12, 2012

Climbing Ruins on a 22 Hour Road Trip

HEY woah. Dude. I have a blog.
heck almost forgot.
(I haven't forgot I have been living every hour of every day in deep deep regret and shame *___________*)
It's funny that I would even attempt at a blog.
I mean it is truly the same as a journal really.
And what do you do with a journal?
You come back a year later, and tear out all the pages.
So don't be surprised if all these posts suddenly disappear from this blogosphere.
But for now I am not yet entirely embarrassed by my meanderings. SO.
I will continue to bore you with my thoughts.
Thoughts right now? I should catch up on my Photo Challenge, I will get it done this year!
So, enjoy some pictures of Kiev while listening to Tegan and Sara.


Spakooha.   (<<<means calm it down bub in russian )


The road trip was a total of 22 hours.  Ah yes. How exciting. 5 Hayes kids, one father, and one Yarik. The combinations amounting to a classic sing along car ride. We rocked out to Soul Sister and American Pie a good 15 hours of this trip.
wait who is Yarik?
Yarik is a russian man who wears beanies plays the bongos says very enthusiastic yes's and has kidnapped our dear Jenny Palmer. Aga. Yarik is Jenny's boyfriend, he came along with us to kiev to great his dear Jenny at the airport with a bouquet of roses. Yes he is that sweet.
Jenny, my Mom and Tulu were all at a women's conference so that is the main reason we all drove up to get them.
SO. On the way to Kiev we stopped at some pretty neat places, such as these monuments. All 7 of us had loads of fun running around the monuments, racing down the stairs, climbing tanks and harassing stone statues, poor things. We had a lot of bottled energy, I guess.
Well without further ado, enjoy.
OR ELSE. =___________=

166. Suspended in Midair 

167. Clinically White

168. Bizarre

169. JellyLegs

170. I-Hate-Titling-These-Photos-So-Cheesy

171. StoneMen

172. Hillside

173. BronzeMen

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