Monday, September 24, 2012

Shoot guys, I think I shot a bunch of people, check it.

Well hey ya! How goes it?

I bought you a present! 
just kidding I stole it.
K kidding again, I got it for free.
yes I won the lottery. 
ah da, that rhymes.
Ok I wrote it.
And I shot it.
Shot it with a camera.
So look at my photos, 
now back at me
now down at your keyboard,
now back at me
Ok this isn't really going anywhere 
I have only seen that Old Spice commercial once.
so commence with your reading please,
go on,
citizen of whatever city or Arabian tundra you live in. 

160. Whip your hair back and forth

So yeah Baby, I can be hipster, I can be won over by a soon to fade trend. Pulled in by peer pressure, that's right, check it. See mah cool, er, fuzzy Hipstata photos. Btw, that's my friend Sveta featured above she is one rockin girl and she can come up with the coolest crafts on the spot.

                              The fuzzy Fuzzy black Sea, wonderful place really.

                              Not to like 'toot my own horn' or anything, but these watch pictures are pretty darn awesome. yeah man.

                                                   162. A Watch

                        Oh, so that's the ManChild, widely known as Andrey (though he goes by many other names) he's alright, meh, no he's really annoying but I can't say much else case he is reading this and decides to get off his lazy rear and come beat me up. Thank goodness we live in two different cities.

164. Smiles.

So like some friends came and visited while we were helping at camp, say hello to Nastia and Shell. Yes she does look like Keira Knightley, you are very observant. 

                                                                         159. photographer's find

          Yeah, check out that face. Pretty neat looking right? Like quite the photographer's find, I am lucky I have such odd fantastic looking friends. Oh that's Kostya ^^^ 

             That's Vitya aka Mozart (yes he plays piano, you are a genius Watson) featured below, he's cool too. 

163. The Beach

                                              I'm telling ya, this kid has got one of the most oddly hipster photogenic bald faced head I have ever seen.

                                                      161. Stare

                          So funny story, k not so much funny as sad.

     While at the beach, we took about a million pictures of our bald friend here, to later put into a quick moving GIF and place on a slideshow of that day, so yeah. Some dumb girl didn't put it together herself (never let er someone else do er your job). So when it came up, her poor bald friend was totally embarrassed, and everyone in the room was rendered awkward as we waited for the longest minute of our lives slip by. 11 pictures of poor Baldy here ticking away slowly across the screen. And of course the faces he was making are not normally smiled upon in society. 

I cut it down to a mere 5 for y'all , yer welcome dearies )

                                                 165. Smile?

Meet Gulia, it was so great having her at camp, (she was one of the kids from Krymsk) , she was only able to be with us at camp for 2 days because the camp doctor said he couldn't take care of her, not enough equipment, supposed contagious infection. She uses crutches because her foot is broken, infected by something. Her home was hit by the flood , she had nothing to go back to and the doctor insisted he couldnt do anything :( not one of the best situations. Please pray for her and her family. 

This was her first time being at the Sea )) When I went to take her down to the sea it was a good 15 minutes after the whole group had left. A good long walk to the sea sayyy.... 1/3 of a mile? Maybe more...I really have no idea, if you speed walk it it'll take like 8/10 minutes. So we were not going to catch up, her on her crutches. We tried, didn't make it too far. So what did we do, go home? Pppfff, nooooo. Of course my dumby brain said, 'hey lets hitchhike it!' So I asked her to stay on the sidewalk while I ran up to a parked Van/bus thingy (<yeah I am such a girl)  and explained my situation to the driver. And then remembered I had no money to offer, so I really played up the whole broken foot never been to the sea before thing. He gladly offered to drive us. So yay! We made it to the beach! The whole time I kept imagining how this guy could really be a serial killer and I had just offered poor Gulia up as sacrifice. But naw it was all good. By the shocked faces, I am not sure everyone at the beach was in agreement with my plan. Bring the wounded girl to the beach?!? Pppfff, crazyamericangirl. 
But the look on her face made it all worth it :)))) She loved it. And we collected plenty of neat glass pieces and rocks. She doesn't speak much Russian (she just moved to Russia a few years back) so for the most part we used hand motions and smiles to communicate. I'd really love to take her here again.

Oh and Doctor, who is making me mad at the moment (this may be misplaced/unnecessary anger) If the problem with her foot is THAT contagious, how does none of her family, and heck, how did I not get it? My towel being the thing that wrapped her foot up to keep it dry. Isn't that the kind of closeness that causes the disease to transfer? And if that close doesn't count, who is going to get closer? Why'd we have to send her away :/ 
And if you don't have the right equipment, do you really think where she will be sent back (Bakanka , flooded) will have it??? ohh dear,
ok...I am done, the rant is over.

                 Happy trails my friends.
Happy trails.
^that was painfully lame.

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