Monday, August 27, 2012

-Road Trip-

  • ***THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO POST A MONTH AGO. fail. Terrible internet at camp***

  • Well I am on my way. Where to? Right It's been awhile since I've blogged, well Novorossiysk. I'll be there for some 20 days. Wwwhhhhaaaaa? that's OK sometimes I find myself saying the same. I am going to help at a kids camp, Yup It's an all Russian all the time channel. Crazy good for my Russian though. And It's a good cause, so I'm happy to help. Kids from krymsk will be at camp too.

  • So when.I started writing this I was packed in the back of a car between a drumset and my friend's mom. yeahhhhhh that ride started out awkward. But I am trained in the art of avoiding awkwardness, or atleast ignoring it. First of all I didn't correctly explain directions to my house. So that took awhile and I think Kostya parents were a little ticked off. But a few lame jokes, and some bad Russian later everything worked out and I love his mom. It wasn't until I started writing this that I realized how 'everything is illuminated ' that car ride was. (If you live in Russia or Ukraine that film is a must) I never really think of my life as being 'wow, Hey, she's an American and she lives in Russia, isn't that bizarre? ' it really is. I just forget cause it is everyday life.
  • Phone is about to die, so I'll wrap it up quick.
  • I love to see how parents can worry their heads off in either language. A mom is a mom no matter what.noises her mouth makes . 'Do you have the right drumsticks? Is there a music store in novorossiysk can you buy more? Roll your window up you'll catch a cold. You're wearing shorts! You must be freezing here take this blanket. What's this street called *backseat driving*. Eat another sandwich you're too thin' 
  • too adorable.

  • The sky was setting pink and we went to the beach. Near мало земле (??spelling don't know) that's a huge amazing war monument.
  • K enough for now. Enjoy some instagrams (<<<I am so creative lately -_-) 

Constantina)), Well, Kostya, and learning Russian phrases teaching English ones, чо за предьявы? You know, stuff like that.

Не видно, but sky is beautiful #novorossiysk

Novorossiysk, Love this picture, it is so 80's and yet so today Russia. 

I just love this picture. Yup end of blog post.
Tochka. (<period. end of story. in russian)
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