Thursday, June 7, 2012

365- Short Story Friday- She is Pure Ecstasy

She is Pure Ecstasy

As Day begins to tire, blue face flushing pink, he invites Night and all her sister stars to entwine themselves in his fading fa├žade.

He watches in awe as they dance along his rosy coat, fading purple in their presence. They are light. Dazzling light which grows brighter the faster they twirl. Night is pure ecstasy.  Day can’t help but love her. The same reason he loves her, is tragically the same reason he cannot have her. In all her dark mystery and childish bliss Night forgets quickly of Day’s love. Day is almost gone. Bidding farewell to the exotic wonder that is his neighbor. He is only to feel her cool touch on his cheek, it lasts but a millisecond. This moment he is destined to live for. All eternity shining bright in anticipation, for that one short moment.

I can’t help but wonder, am I Day, or am I Night?

152. Day's Love


153. She is pure ecstasy..

I didn't have to add saturation to these pink skies! The Tuscany sky really looked like that! It was amazing!

154. All eternity 

I know the pictures show Day's beauty more than Night, but I am not very good at taking photos of Night, not yet.
Shouldn't it be Day who is the more beautiful? He's real beauty. He isn't childish love that dazzles but has no substance. He's a real beating heart, consistent, loyal. True. He is true beauty.


It was just one of those days where you wash your hair but come out of the shower feeling dirtier than before.  You know what I mean? It was unproductive. I usually have days like that when I have a big 
idea---or lack there of--- for the day I think my idea is fantastic. And I obsess about it 
A L L  D A Y  L O N G. 
Only to wake up the next day and think it was one of the silliest ideas ever.

Yesterday’s  idea was to start a band- we picked out names and everything The Ecstatic Hippos was a possible name- not just to start a band, but start a band with no instruments, zilch, since none of these Hayes girls no how to play one. We even wrote two songs yesterday, “I Don’t Care About Your Russian Nesting Dolls” and an Untitled Natasha Wilson’s Beautiful Hair song.  So in a way, I was productive yesterday.
Now if I could just learn how to play an instrument. I feel like I could never learn that, I used to play the piano, but just barely. I mean everyone plays the piano right? Don't lie, you play the piano too don't you. 

Is it even possible to be a singer and not play an instrument? Or is that like going to war without a gun or eating Chinese without chopsticks. 

Instead of like, cleaning the house, or doing school.
We party rock (<<<ooooooo cliche) 

P.S. Did you know, that if you put your speaker in like a glass box, or large cup, it will reflect the sound? Making it, well, louder.
Maybe I am just stupid and that's obvious, but I realized it a few months ago and thought it was really cool.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So this is part of the reason why I haven't blogged in awhile. 
Making neat Russian shadow boxes and stuff with Alice, in hopes of someday being able to sell them.
And my room is a mess.
So I have been sentenced to 3 weeks hard manual labor. (<<<that would be cleaning the room)

Because of these projects you wouldn't believe the stuff you can find in my room,
anything from wood stain to white spirits for getting the glue off paintbrushes.
Total fire hazard. 
This is slightly random, but since were talking about weird things in my room,
once. (<<<just once)
I had a coconut in my room for 6 MONTHS.
Yes, it had been sliced open.
Moldy coconut sitting under my work table for 6 MONTHS.
At first it was an experiment,  but then I just forgot about it and found it when we had to move.
I like to say that it inspired me to clean my room more often,
but as you can see,
I didn't take that aspiration very far.


^^^ Faith.
Faith, trust and pixie dust.
no,no, just faith. 


P.S. No really I want to be a tidy person, it just doesn't really work with me? You know? I sound lazy? what? You sound lazy.......... -_-

Bottle Caps

Bottle cap pins and headbands, really simple. Maybe I should do a How To? 
yeah when I'm wasting time.
This might be what I am doing.

365- stuff about Russia and America, and the glue that sticks us together

or by the time these photos upload, it was Friday. 
It was also June 1st!!!!!
So to celebrate, we wandered around K-dar free from school.
This was pretty fun.
I mean every week that language barrier gets a little smaller.

It's so easy to view Russia and America as these two opposite cultures with different mindsets that will never understand each other and never agree on anything. 
It's so easy cause it's true.
Well mostly. 
There are little moments when I realize that we aren't so different after all.
Like when your sister mentions Happy Tree Friends. All your friends go crazy, especially the boys.
Russian and American teenagers aren't so different I guess,
we all watch Happy Tree Friends, throw up, and then laugh about it later.
It's little things like that which create culture. 
Just think, I could become fluent in Russian, but I wouldn't ever be truly fluent. 
I still wouldn't get the humor of Russian tv shows or music.
If you can master humor you can master language
 (^^feel free to quote me on that, it's the only profound thing I have said all day)
Luckily there are little Fuzzy Critters getting their heads cut open to tie all of us together.

151. Luckily we have Happy Tree Friends

Friday, June 1, 2012

365- 9th of May Part 1

{{{This post is almost a month late. (I know,I know, I'm working on it).
I have good reasons (<<excuses) for being late, 
those will come later. And yes, part one, 2 will come later}}}

141. 9th of May

The 9th of May, Victory Day, is the day marking Russia's independence from Nazi Germany 
a day commemorating the estimated 28,000,000 people who died in the Soviet Union during  II World War. 


142. 28,000,000

I can't even begin to imagine that many people. I can't even imagine half of that. That's a big number. There are so many individual names wrapped up in that number. So many. So many persons who never even made it to their 10th birthday.
So many....

 143. 65,000

That is the number of women from the Krasnodar Krai who fought in II World War. That isn't counting the nurses. These 65,000 were really soldiers, standing up with their brothers and fathers to save their families and homeland.

144. With Hushed Voices

What is it that makes those eyes so sad? We may here of what, we may talk of it with heads hung and voices hushed. But we don't know. We'll never understand.
God forbid we ever do.

 145. She's Someones Grandma

One day I was walking back from Church to the Wilson's home (we hadn't found one yet). It had just rained so everything was muddy, and mixed with the fresh smells of spring and wet garbage. From across the street I saw a babushka shuffling along the school gates. I caught her eye and she called over to me. Sloshing in my church shoes through the grass, something that had seemed like a silly idea  moment earlier, it became irrelevant as I approached her. She asked me if I had any bread for a poor grandmother. 
And the truth is, she was poor. Hunched over so far she was no more than 3 feet tall, shuffling along using a stool about a foot high and as wide as a dvd case. I know it's not even her fault that she is out here like this, I know.  I didn't have any bread but I offered her some money, enough to buy eggs,bread and milk. Asked her if I could help get her home, but she just kept thanking me and in God's name blessing me. Is this what every day is like for her? I asked her again if I could take her home, but she said she was fine, she had her stool. I wished more than anything that I had a real home, somewhere I could invite her into out of the drizzle, give her a cup of tea, something warm to eat.
Because that women,
She's someone's Grandma.

146. Stories

Sometimes I wish, so badly to be that little girl. Imagine the things he would have to say. I wish I could live a thousand years. Not for fear of dying, but for the chance to learn a 100 languages. And with that 100, I would learn a thousand stories. 

147. Facade 

I'm not sure what it is, but I love his face, his mask of flesh and hair, deep set eyes, slight smile coming on, or maybe a smirk. I don't know.

I believe Alice said that those were Russian Nazis (up above, not the train thing...I just thought that was random)

Cotton Candy, Michael Jackson dancer candyman dude....


148. As I rode home...
He was playing his accordion and singing on the bus as I rode home. I wanted to get a picture of him in there, but it was too crowded. Wouldn't you know, we got off on the same stop. When I asked if I could take his picture he was all smiles, his curly mustache nearly touched his eyes. .

149. Knew one.

65,000 women. 
They each, 
at least,
knew 1.

150. Thank You

Thank you. 

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