Sunday, May 6, 2012


After months and MONTHS of looking, we finally found a house! You probably wonder why it would take so long to find a house, if so, you've never went house hunting in Russia. I will have to post on the absurdities of some Russian houses and the realtor business...

The new house has five bedrooms (one transformed bedroom, originally a clothes drying room), 2 bathrooms (this meaning one toilet and shower, and the other an outhouse), a living room, kitchen, and school/play room. The yard is a perfect size for having 2 dogs (soon to be 3,we will be watching a family's dog while they are in America).


And this you see right here is our lovely 'Summer Toilet' ! It's really not sooo bad.... I doubt that I will ever be able to get any of my sisters to 'go' in there... Just imagine sitting there in august, 101 degree heat with a fly landing on your lip and then buzzing around your ears, smelling your own poo, nasty.

106. The Summer Toilet

107. Yes we have lilacs, no we don't have a septic system.
Mom was ecstatic about the lilacs.

The kids and Ivan love the neighbor's dog, I got to say he is slightly annoying with his little yappy voice, never been to fond of little dogs...
The babushka who own him though (and is our landlords grandmother) is very nice and has lots of grandchildren who Aubrie has already gone over and played with several times.
I must say our sinking basement gives me the creeps. I have to go in there to shut off the water every once and awhile… the bright side is that it gave me the perfect idea for a story.

That grate is where the basement is....

The grass is so pretty it makes me think of Viva Pinata (you know like the Pinata busting, candy flying, color bursting video game? Yeah, don't judge before you've played it ROCKS SOCKS man.)

That’s a creepy shed back there full of jars, toilet seats, lots and lots of dirt, wood, and other such JUNK. Oh and the all so lovely asbestos. 

This long pink hall converted bedroom, is my room. The room is so large I could have an indoor track for
Sarah Gardner to run around when she comes to visit.

Aubrie is dancing cause she's just so darn happy and Sam, well I don't...actually know....whhaatt, is going on with him......... 

Brooklyn has almost crashed down these stairs about a HUNDRED stinkin TIMES.

Pretty neat spot under the stairs huh? Me and Cady had a heated discussion about whether she was going to live under the stairs like Harry Potter or whether I was going to place my desk under there and write miserable and cramped but engulfed in the thrill of writing like Stephen King.

Dad, the landlord and the dudes who fixed our water...well...tried to at least.
Speaking of our landlord, he tells us after we rent the place that it doesn't have any kind of septic tank so all of our junk goes down the toilet and across the street. So anytime wind comes our way, WATCH OUT, cause it's gonna stiiiinnnkkkk. Who would have thought that you REALLY have to ask whether the sewer drains out your doorstep when renting a house....

The top pictures are of our front hall, which is so large, and since the kitchen is so small we'll probably put the table and everything in here.

You use these bazar ship like nobs to lock the door

Pieces to an old sowing machine left behind by previous renters…I’ll be sure to use that for something.

Those bears are a neat and lucky find, we found them in the garage window.

108. Lucky Find

1. Cleaning, an obvious hastle. Mostly because for a few days we didn’t have so much as a broom to use, so we resorted to using paper towel, floor solusion and plastic dishware. 

2. Table we found outside and cleaned the rotten fish guts out of…
3. Mom’s ingenious idea for a trash can worked…well that is until the trash bulged out the sides and the bag was stuck.
4. Using a spoon to get junk out of cracks.

The kitchen didn’t have so much as a sink, just moldy walls (theres mom pulling off the mold) and broken pipes.

1. Dad just discovered that our water is full of sand, so every three days we have to take the hose off of the washer and empty out all the sand clogging it’s system.
 2. Tasha was such a help too there she is balancing over the stairs cleaning the dirt and cobwebs out of the corner.
3. As you can see, Sam was being such a help with the cleaning hahaha

We've had so many great people come and help us move in, The Wilson family, The Fishers (who without we would most likely have 89% of our stuff still in the container) Simon, Gera, Vasya, Don, and so many others who have helped by letting us crash at their places for the past few months.

Over all the house is awesome. I am thankful for the fact that the Kitchen floor is all water warped because it actually evens out the slanted floor, kidding kidding. All the floors really are slanted (we really noticed this when setting up bookshelves) and the basement looks like a murder mystery waiting to happen but it is SO much more than we had a week ago and we are incredibly thankful. One of the things it has taught us though, not to take even the slightest things for granted, of course everyone knows this but every once and awhile you get reminded of it. The house we had last year was wayyy beyond perfection, and we are most likely not to find another one like it in Krasnodar. 

P.S. I know these aren't very thorough pictures of the house...I'll take more later. DON'T RUSH ME.


  1. Awe..thank you Madi for posting all of this!! You do an amazing job at capturing and sharing what is going on in the lives of the Hayes!! Really miss you all! So thankful to see a glimpse of where you all will live. Am so proud of all your fantastic hard working attitudes as you work together to make a home. Love you dearly!

    1. You are welcome Grandma (I think, or maybe this is Aunt Kirsten? I think it's Grandma) I enjoy doing it!

  2. I love it! My mom always said that it is not really the home but all the ways her mom made it home that she remembers and I know your mom has the gift to make your home very special. I love the yard and all the character of it and your room is so cool!

    1. Thanks Aunt Jen! Yes I am loving my room, and things in the house really seem to be coming together!

  3. Thanks, Madi, for the pics and commentary - it was all very special. We too are glad that you all have a place to live. Sure miss your family.

    1. Thanks Nana, we miss you guys too! Can't wait to see y'all again!


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