Saturday, May 26, 2012


140. I'M SO SORRY.

I've been procrastinating again! And thus haven't sorry, guys, so sorry...
It seems half of my blog posts are about my lack of blogging....or blogs about blogging about my lack of blogging.  What I am trying to say is sorry! I haven't posted about anything of the minutest importance.
soon my friends.

Monday, May 21, 2012

365- Another You- Hans and Nora

More bits from Another You

136. Another You

          At times, I watched the snow fall. I imagined myself standing there, snow twirling around in my hospital gown. The cool touch of a snowflake on my tongue. The way I would laugh when the wind blew a flurry of white Angels onto my face. I would dance along the lawn, my pale feet making deep imprints in the soft white floor. I would sing a song of winter’s joys.
      But I can’t do this
      I can’t even move a finger

      Nora June 45,  Another You pg. 54. 

137. Hans Sweet Mystery

          I pride myself in my ability to step into another’s shoes. The ability to know what one is thinking before it is even thought. There isn’t a look passed between hidden lovers that I do not notice, a hand dealt for which I cannot call the bluff.  But you, you my dear are a mystery. You are no more known to me than the number of stars in the darkest night sky, your feelings as masked and faded as the moon herself. Who you are and who you pretend to be inhabit my every thought.
I want to know you
My sweet, sweet mystery

Hans 25, Another You pg 30

365- Another You

\Like most things I do, I will probably regret this project month from now, or sooner... But for now I am just going to go ahead with it. I'm calling it Another You, they are excerpts from a "book" the rest is self explanatory I guess. For those of you who find the writing a bore, Iv'e added photos so cheer up! See I'm looking out for you, so wipe that sneer off your otherwise pretty face.

What if there is another you out there…Someone who goes through the pains and joys of life, just like you. What if there is a whole world of you. What if we are all more similar then we had originally thought. What if we could feel comforted knowing that we can understand each other? That our stories, though all unique and sometimes strange, are all similar?
We are similar.
You aren’t so alone after all.

January Meredith Attkins, Another You pg. 1

135. Sliced Heart Strings

It’s like my heart was a tightly wound toy, every jerk of these cords sliced what bit of it I had left, sending it slipping through the cracks. The pace kept quickening, the fabric of my soul stretching like rubber. I was something mechanical. Gasping for air, trapped in this globe I was being smothered. Every cool flake felt like another mistake on my robotic forehead.
I was tick, tick, ticking away.
Artificial snow, slowly rusting me into oblivion.

Winter Moors, 35, Another You pg. 68

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rock Climbing Climbing Climbing

This week I went rock climbing with some friends in Royal Rangers (Russian RR at that)
We climbed somewhere near Hamichki (nowhere town, I don't even know why I bother to mention it) out by the White River.
I will admit it felt like I was rock climbing just getting up from the road to the cliff we were going to attempt to climb. I don't know if I got any pictures of how high it was, but it really was high.
My favorite thing about this trip was probably getting to know everyone better, things like long hikes, hot bus rides and almost falling off cliffs seem to do that to people.

Places like the White River with people like Polina or Alena really remind me of the reasons I love Russia. So next time someone digs up the street in front of our house and doesn’t fix it for 2 months or doesn't let us in the country (or our friends out), I will try and not get too ticked.

Tomorrow I’m going Rafting with them. Bright and early, probably leave the house around 5ish (am). I’ve been rafting before and love it, but I’m still a little nervous. Life is hard, but it’s even harder in a second language. I’m just praying that God won’t let me do anything stupid tomorrow. Oh yeah, and zap the entire Russian language into my head.

127. Southern Russia Climbing
Add caption
128. Rock Climbing

131. Good Climbers, you'll get good pictures
it's a solid fact. 

130. Spiderman
Yeah so that's what Cady started us all calling him. He made it to the top on all 4 sides of the wall. The rest of us, we all made it to the top on the first one, yeah that's it. 
131. Dislike
I...dislike....those metal rings, you aren't supposed to grab on them to climb because it's cheating and they may come out, but it's so tempting!!!!
132. America.Visas.Russia.
I am VERY proud of this picture, I actually like the way it turned out (and that's saying something)
This is Igor by the way. His family wants to live in America and they have been trying for two years, stupid Russia won't give them visas. They were supposed to leave this month, but that didn't happen.

133. She "ROCKS" Socks
And this is Tasha :) Who matches the color of the rocks and "ROCKS" the color turquoise 
134. Commander Dude
This guy was a pretty amazing climber as well.  I mean if Igor is good (and he was) this guy is like 5 times as good.

The view from the top was absolutely amazing, as you can see from Alena's shocked face. I really should have climbed it with my camera.... I did climb some with the camera to get these pictures but not like 'climb climb' with a rope and all.

Watching Alena scream as one of the guys threatened to cut her rope if she didn't jump down already, was soooo funny.

Prettyyyy High

OP. What do you know? Russian girls do the duck face as well!

Pretending to sleep on the bus, making fun of the boys I guess, or just trying to get face time :) haha

Yeah so halfway up we all realize I forgot my helmet, whoops.

So overall, it was a pretty fun day!
now adios. I like have to wake up in a few hours.

Pinterest: The Alien Brain Sucker

It was probably the least most important or helpful thing me and Tasha could do, but the second a table got set up in my room we pulled out the jars found in the backyard.
After a lot scrubbing, polishing and debating on whether or not we should use the глюкоза декстроза we finally decided against it vying that your heath is occasionally better than your happiness.

We spent the rest of the night and morning painting old Jam jars. Without any help from Pinterest, TAKE THAT! Do any of you pin? I don’t know about you but for me personally I think Pinterest has slowly been sucking at all my creativity, literal Alien Brian Sucker. Every new picture I see shows me just how unoriginal I am. It’s tragic really, the worst thing is that they show you all these fantastic ideas and so you start that Pinterest newbie board saying ‘Things to do’ and all the Pinterest veterans just sit back and shake their heads, knowing that you’re lucky if you ever make 3 of those things.

There is just one thing that Pinterest is missing, a big red button, that when you press it Time Spontaneously combusts so that you actually HAVE time to waste making crafts or “quick bake” cupcake jars. But most likely with your new found time you would do what you already do (old habits die hard) you would spend all eternity scrolling through Pinterest’s never ending flow of knowledge. 


Unpacking some of my boxes we found piles and piles of leaves.


 124. Pinterest: The Alien Brain Sucker

125. The LEAST Most Helpful Thing

126. Jars with Natasha


127. Jam Jars
I thought about making Luke hanging from the icicles, but I couldn't draw an abominable snowman so I gave up.

128. Things to do

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