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ToaP now on the famous Facebook!

Toap, I am now going to use that abbreviation. Sounds kinda like Toast, and I mean who doesn't like toast? 
toast and soap...who doesn't like soap...yeahh...maybe, Toap doesn't sound that attractive....


I am sure you can tell by Brooklyn's very happy face,
To you know, have started a facebook page and all....
I am so sorry, please, please, do like us.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Epic wanders...through time, space, and Russian death traps they try and call sidewalks

Prepare yourself for 81 photos of last Sunday. Yes 81, hey cut me some slack I managed to trash 69 of those, you got it better than the facebook crowd they're stuck with 150, and no story. Brutal. 
Last Sunday was Easter Sunday in Russia. I woke up at 6 so that I could get to church by 9:30. I was going to Bethany, The (dare I say) Mega church of Krasnodar. I usually go to House of Evangelism but after Bethany’s first service all my Royal Ranger звено (team? group? Division?) were going to гулять (translates as stroll…) aimlessly around K-dar.
You know, for fun.
One thing you got to know about Russians, they love to just walk, some quality Americans don’t seem to possess, at least anymore. So Cady and I made it to Bethany 30 minutes late, Dad said this was ok because it was a VERY long service, I had my doubts. Oh boy was he right; it had been at least seven months since I had gone to Bethany and I had totally forgotten about their no sermon under 38 hours policy…
We didn’t leave until 1 o’clock.
Which would have been fine, had we been able to even get inside the service. The service is held inside of a theatre room with two floors, every single corner was jam packed. Like you open the doors to go inside and all you see are the backs and heads of all the people crammed up in there. So they set up a projector and a few chairs outside the auditorium for late comers, even those seats were full. It’s amazing to see so many people turn up for an Easter service, it’s inspiring! Even in the unbearable heat of that building hundreds of people showed up.

Though I must admit, being as it was so hot, and we could not really get into the service, me and Cady walked around for a good 2 hours.

97. Russians love to "stroll"
As we wandered I proceeded to waste my battery snapping unnecessary photos.

Is the color of these buildings not odd to you? Welcome to Russia.

And so like, they use Disney characters as random spokespersons.... I welcome you yet again to Russia...or rather every country other than America...wait scratch that, other than North America.

98. Epic Wanders
Beautiful, no?

When the service was over I met up with my group and Natasha Wilson (mk) and we began our Epic wanders….through time, space, Russian death traps they call sidewalks, and all sorts of other fun stuff.
We saw this at the park, haven't these been like banned in some parts of America? Do to some unexpected death? I would be so freaked out to be the girl below.  

from left to right: Mwah(Me), Yulia, Nastia, Dima, Natasha, Cady

Check out the amazing contrast with that Church, and then this park just around the corner.

This beauty is Yulia, I've known her for a few years now and she is the BEST. Always willing to help or explain words I don't understand to me. 

Nastia, this girl is freakin beautiful. Her favorite English word is 'not'. She uses it for EVERYTHING. She also has one of the best senses of humor. Anywhere from her sarcasm, to her Russian in an American accent, she is hilarious! I just wish I understood everything she says!

This picture just screams with all it's inmost being, EASTER! Check out the dazzling colors! The warm feel of spring, its pretty great.

That's our commander Kristina, she's Yulia's older sister. I love that she wanted to spend all day with us! It wasn't a forced thing, she genuinely wanted to hang out with us. Now THAT is a good youth leader.

This is Dima, and he is actually pretty funny. Even though he insists on using the most obscure Russian words knowing that I wouldn't understand any of them. Ha-ha Dima, two can play at that game.

*GASP* Canoeing!!! I am learning how to do this in Royal Rangers! Those kids must be canoeing prodigies...  


99. Ditto


100. We made it to 100 SO EXCITED!!!



Some random guy gave Nastia this rose, she was so embarrassed.  Looking at Nastia how old would you think she was? Last person I asked said anywhere from 18 to early 20's. Nastia is 13 years old. Style and makeup can do a lot to ones appearance....


'You say you can drive at 15 in America? See here in Russia we drive at 5 years! HAH!' - Russian friend of mine.

Russian Roller Coaster, every time I see one I imagine the story of that girl getting her legs cut off, happening everyday. 

This whole dancing scenario made no sense to me. It was so strange...


101.  Krasnodar's Alexander Nefsky Cathedral 

A less pretty, slightly more realistic side of Krasnodar, yes we occasionally swim there during the summer (its pretty pricey, I know I know, shocking)

I like this picture becuase you have these two different generations of Russians. The change is drastic least for now...


This is the Kissing Bridge, full of the locks of long lost lovers ... hopefuls, who couldn't handle commitment. Lovers separated by tragic DEATH or 5 tram stops to many.
yeah ok, that's all I got.

This is Pro Coffee, a strange attempt at a Cafe that turned out like Night Club crosses DIY crafts during the annual Hunger Games, at the Capitol.

Anndd 10 points go to Dima for the best Unintentional Easter Bunny face ... as he cuts the   free (slightly gross) hard Easter cake, well, free with your purchase of a 79 ruble drink.(that is expensive by the way)

And when they take pictures of themselves, well it makes me think of 13 year old girls in their school bathroom .... haha

Well there you go!!! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Sorry I have been so far behind on all this blogging, its been a very, VERY, busy month. I will try to fill you in, in the next few posts.

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