Monday, February 27, 2012

365- Puke and Plane Rides, Let the Fun Begin

So, ha ha, I got quite the wakeup call this morning. First of all Mom woke me up at 5 to tell me that my lovely puppy pictured below was throwing up and needed a good scrub.  

53. Coming Home

She then mentioned something about walking Ivan because he was going to be on the plane tomorrow, wait, wait, WHAT?! I thought we leave on Tuesday, oh WAIT. TOMORROW IS TUESDAY -_- darnyouhomeschoolerbrainthatdoesn’tknowthedifferencebetweenweekendsandweekdays.

And then Ruby (cousin’s dog) started throwing up. Ha, ha, fun. 

54. Surprises come in many sizes

So last day in America, huh? Should I throw up now? Yesterday I was kind of lamenting heading back. And then I thought, wait, why do I even want to stay? What else is there to do…. I have spent time with family, visited friends in Wisconsin, Maine, New York, Florida, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, I traveled America! I went to a Chi Alpha Salt Conference, which was interesting being in high school and hanging out with college students the whole time.  I went to Universal Studios…. Nothing beats Disney magic I got to say. I got to go to the Canton Flea Market….that’s really cool guys.  Carpooled down from Maine to Florida with the Gardners. I got to do a lot of fun things! I’m ready for a new adventure. Which this time happens to be cramming into a one room apartment with 4 siblings, 2 slave drivers hahha I mean parents, no really I was kidding, ok Parents, moving on, and 2 huge dogs, Boxer and a lab. This is going to inspire some really crazy blogging….either that or highly irritated. 

“This is our home, these are our people” said my dad very dramatically only moments ago. He was talking about Russia. I suppose he’s right. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

365- Just Another Raven

Why do we all struggle with being different? Everyone wants to be different, unique, special, individual. We live in a world where we are told to be different. But is that the different we really want? Do we want this different- be- yourself that the media is giving us? They tell us to be our selves, but that selves they are talking about, is one of their own invention.  That ‘stay true to who you are’ slogan is better pronounced ‘buy this, you need to look like that, your friends expect you to be this’ It kind of defeats the whole purpose of being different anyways, after all everyone is fallowing the same suit, doesn’t that just create a world of unhappy clones? A world of people trying to fit into the latest fad because they think that’s what they need to be noticed. It just makes you blend in further with the crowd. The crowd that will swallow you, the true you, who’s been hiding under the surface all along. So what are we going to do about it? 

52. Do you even know how silly you look?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

365- Take it or leave it

51. My Own Advice

No one ever told me how hard it was to take your own advice.

365 Short Story Friday- The Hatter Inside

Sooo.....Short Story Friday...late, yet again....Maybe I should just change it to Saturday? Who am I kidding, I’d still probably be late ha… So I have  a really great story by a friend along the way, but it’s not here yet. So you will have to be happy with my quick sloppy writing. Let’s just call it my style, pretend that I write this terribly for effect, authenticity. That takes a lot of skill you know…
and it is not supposed to rhyme or look at all poetic. 

48. My Mad Hatter 

The Hatter Inside.
by Madi

Everyone has his or her, Hatter

He is somewhat kooky and strange
So most try and hide the Hatters they find

Hatters are inside every boy every girl
Hatters are kept inside your deepest dark chest
We consider our Hatters as quirks and flaws
As problems and headaches best left locked up with a key

But secretly
Everyone knows
That Hatters are amusing and Hatters are bright
They light up the world with that special sort of light

They are the reason we dream and we fly
The reason irresistible smiles sneaks up on our faces

The Hatter in you makes me love you all the more
So why would you hide it so far in that cave?
That cave built on fears, insecurities and passions

Your Hatter is you and you’re drowning away
Away, away, in these half-baked dreams of acceptance 
We love you for you 
The true you 

The you who laughs and isn’t afraid to speak
The you who overflows with magical genius 
Genius that will change the world
Move mountains, shift oceans
rearrange the stars in the sky!

Some think you’re strange
Some think you’re insane
Some think you’re bold
And some think you’re outrageous
But I think you’re perfect
Perfectly Mad.

 49. Perfectly Mad

50. Release Your Inner Hatter

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Blogging Address!

I have started the long tedious process of moving my blog to tumblr (yay, cheers, crowd goes wild) That way it's easier to follow. And more reader friendly I suppose. Feel free to check it out anytime! For now I will keep posting here until everything is moved over and all the kinks are worked out.

here's the link!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Gimli has made it to the airport. See,see Gimli, peaking out of my bag. Yeah he came with me. It was either him or Gollum, but I figured Gollum would try and steal my ring sooo...

I woke up this morning at 4:30, and was hit with this jarring feeling that all my securities were being ripped away. This was probably because I was getting on a plane at 7:30. I've been on hundreds of planes. And I've flown on my own before, but I'd never had to make a connecting flight. Which is sort of nerve wracking. I think that I felt all my securities leaving me, because today marks 10 days till I go back to Russia. Back to not knowing where exactly we are going to stay, back to the headaches of expired passports and an uncooperative government. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Life in the states is so much more stable, predictable, relaxing even. I suppose that's the first sign of needing to move on, 'if we discover a desire with in us that nothing of this world can satisfy,
We should begin to wonder if perhaps we were created for another world.' - C.S. Lewis.
This quote makes me think of a lot of things, and one of them is this,
I am taking it as a challenge; we weren't created for this world, so I am not going to sit back in its cozy arms of satisfaction.  It is time to step out of my comfort zone, say goodbye to the easy life.  Time to chase after The One we were created for. Time to share His love half way across the globe again.
It's nice to be going with my family back to Russia; home is where the heart is, eh? Security of another kind :)

365- Short Story Friday and Haunted Memories

Short Story Friday! Actually on Friday this time! Today's story is by former mk Sarah Gardner. I am actually getting on a plane in a few hours to go see her up in Portland Maine! Agh! Exciting. 

 46. Haunted Memories 

Haunted Memories
by Sarah Gardner
            Some people swore that the house was haunted. It was my house they were talking about. I suppose you might say they had good reason to think it was haunted, but I wouldn't say it was. For farther back than I can remember, I have lived there. It had been in my family for generations. I was born there; so was my father and his father before him. The nooks and crannies of that house were as well known to me as my own mother's face. My brothers and sisters and I loved to play whatever games we fancied, using the whole inside of the house as our playground. Often I would go up to the attic. I remember the half-sized door leading out to the open widow's walk. Of all the places in the house, that was my favorite. I spent a lot of time there. So it's not surprising that up on the widow's walk was where the accident happened.
            We were playing hide and seek tag one crisp autumn morning. We were playing inside because Momma expected company soon, and she didn't want us to get our clothes dirty. I remember I hid up in the attic, amongst the moth-eaten boxes and old dusty portraits. My sister was coming up the stairs, and  I sat, as quiet as an ant, afraid she would hear even the slightest breath.
            As it was, she found me immediately, but I was too quick; before she could tag me I dashed out from behind a box, banging my knee. I dashed to the small door leading out to the widow's walk and blindly flung it open. I was wholly absorbed in the game and nothing else mattered. So I rushed out onto the widow's walk, clambered over the railing, and onto the slanted roof.
            “Elizabeth!” My sister called
            “Can't catch me now!” I taunted, ignoring her pleas.
            Welch 2
            “Just come in off the roof, you'll fall! I promise I won't tag you!” But I , stubborn as an ox, began to move farther away from her, balancing along the roof and lightly stepping along.
            And then I fell. I don't remember the falling part, or even hitting the ground. I remember a shocked surprise, and blackness.
            When I opened my eyes I was standing in the living room. My mother and father, and all my siblings, as well as several of the closest neighbors, were all gathered around. A moment later I realized some of them were crying. My mother was sobbing into my father's shoulder, my brothers sitting in shocked silence. A neighbor lady was patting my sister's arm. What was going on? I moved toward my parents, to see why Momma was crying and why my father had a blank look on his face. They paid no attention to me.
            I circled the room, every now and then approaching someone to ask him or her what was happening, but no one seemed to hear me, or see me. A dark suspicion was creeping up in my mind, but I shoved it away.
            For several weeks after the accident, I stayed with my family, but they acted as though they didn't know I was there. That was when people began to whisper that the house was haunted. I suppose a few of my actions must have been felt, or sensed, by some. It wasn't long before my family moved. I didn't go with them. And nothing was ever the same after that.

47. Some People Swore the House Was Haunted

Other posts relating to the writer, are HERE
3, Tiffany

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pianos and Cinderella's Slippers

                                                                 45. Cinderella's Slippers

    Have you ever noticed that the minute anyone starts playing a piano, every person under the age of 19 has to rush up and start banging away at the keys as well? I feel really bad for the original player, I mean we all just swarm him. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor threatens from our parents to shut up, will stop us! Why do we do that? It's so obnoxious! I'm sure you hate it when this happens to you. You know unless I am talking to a wall here, which very well might be true. I think everyone secretly finds this annoying and that’s why they do it, as pay back. For all the times they tried to play the piano and were suddenly interrupted by a horde of tone-deaf monkeys, unfortunately payback seems to have back fired here. That happens a lot with payback huh? Makes you wonder if it’s really worth it, is it ever really as satisfying as you think it’s going to be? 

365- Blue Eyed Boy

44. Eat Your Heart Out

My cousin Zachary on Valentines Day. He has some of the bluest eyes ever.

He's my little buddy.
I was going through all our stored junk from last time we were in America and I found this in my keepsakes,

It says, From Zach to Madi "Keep forever and ever"

I think he was 5 then? Well, looks like I have kept it so far ha.

I can't tell you how I miss having that little monkey hanging around my neck...


Heh heh heh heh.... me cards are so witty. Cause it's Harry, and he is hairy....get it? get it?
Valentines is strictly created for being cheesy, so cut me some slack.
Anyhoo, this is my card I made for youuuuu!!!!!

2 years ago my cards for people, looked like this,

I really thought the whole idea of Valentines was stupid.
this year I have taken it as an opportunity to doodle cheesy things, like the Hairy Harry card.
I still draw on notepaper though....I can't seem to rid that habit. 

Dobby loves Harry, don't twist it people.

Argghhh I'm so JEALOUS!!! - Gale *said in annoying throaty Muppet voice*

those are supposed to be arms....not wings.

Look! It's Luna, yeah so none of these really look like cards. Fail. But still they relate to the Holiday...sorta. Luna LOVEgood. It works ok?

I hope you liked them.
(I know they aren't that great. Don't rub it in ok?)

Have an Adventure-tastic day!


Happy Stuff your face full of chocolate day everyone!

And by love, we mean the love of chocolate. Because I am SURE that's what you all did this Valentines. Yeah, I see that pile of wrappers you tried to inconspicuously hide in the bathroom trash can. 

Happy Valentines everyone! But I am going to call it what it is, happy stuff your face full of chocolate day everyone!

great gifts come in small packages, like chocolates and Starbucks cards

                                     Happy candy stuffed faces.

Yes, we got a whole family of Sing-A-Ma-Jigs, oh this will be entertaining. Though I am not sure what mom and dad were we aren't loud enough already ha.

Oh dove, how wise. 
The excuses for eating more chocolate, 'We have to know what every wrapper says!' Sure, sure.

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