Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bikes Hate Me

II have a love hate relationship with bikes.
Have you ever read Calvin and Hobbes? And seen how the bike chases after Calvin? It’s kind of like that. Only I can also fix a bike chain in under a minute because of these nasty encounters. I should add that to my resume.
I love riding bikes; bike rides hold a LOT of memories for me. Stuff like biking in the 100 degree Krasnodar summer heat with Rachel Fisher and Haillie Broberg. Biking through my neighborhood with Sarah Gardner going dumpster diving ^-^
dumpster diving - /dump'-ster di:'-ving/ 1. The practice of raiding the dumpsters ("dumpster" is an Americanism for what is elsewhere called a "skip"). Behind buildings where producers and/or consumers of high-tech equipment are located, with the expectation (usually justified) of finding discarded but still-valuable equipment to be nursed back to health in some hacker's den. Experienced dumpster-divers not infrequently accumulate basements full of moldering (but still potentially useful) cruft. (only me and my friends are usually looking for books, or chairs, or lamps, or door knobs.)

Biking in Wisconsin, I saw a giant eyeball.

In Russia I biked to an old army airbase.

Yup....so I’m just rambling about biking....not much else to say. haha.
um. yeah.

P.S. one day I am going to bike across Europe, care to join?


  1. you know i am going with you on the europe bike trip! how much do motorcycles cost...? or should we go mountain bikes? that sounds better...

    1. Oh yes you are! It's sealed, you have no choice :)
      I like the mountain bike idea too, sounds cheaper haha. I think we should do BOTH.
      Yeah... I don't know how much it costs, but I will be looking into that.


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