Wednesday, January 25, 2012

365- Please don't pee in our pools

the title caught your attention didn't it.

                                                        25. I judge books by covers.
Little sister Brooklyn, inside the Castle Wall in Italy.

When I was younger, ok, I am not that old, so when I was around 11, and it came to meeting some new kid, my friend and I would have the instant opinion of, oh this person is going to be a jerk, when in reality we were being the jerks by assuming that, just from knowing them for 3 minutes. We were judging the book by its cover. Turns out this person I was assuming to be a jerk, is now one of my closest friends. 
You don't want people to judge you before they've really met you, so don't judge them.
We don’t swim in your toilet; please don't pee in our pool.

Ok the last phrase doesn't fit in well as it did when I said it in my head.....
What can I say, I was dying to use that phrase.

If I ever get a pool, I am making a sign that says that. Ha that reminds me, once I was at my cousins' house, (same cousins from the Wadawada story) and we were hanging out in their hot tub, that was pretty entertaining....all 7 of us packed in there. And then Uncle Tim came out, ( Same uncle who likes to scare us :)) and put this little thermometer in the water, he told us that his little magic stick there, could tell if there was pee in the hot tub. And not just that, but WHO peed in the pool. This freaked my little sister Aubrie and her cousin Gabby out so bad (both probably 6 at the time) that they would run back inside to go to the bathroom, about every 3 minutes. Pretty soon our Dads came out and kicked us out of the hot tub because we kept running in to go to the bathroom. 
So yesh.....did I just ruin a perfectly good post.....


I am going back to Russia next month! 
wish me luck, and immunity to all foreign diseases.
Especially  the notremembermyrussian-er flue.

Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. Replies
    1. very funny- this is me laughing- ha-ha.

  2. Hahaha! What funny memories we have together. I bet Dad doesn't even know the trauma his joking caused Gabby and Aubrey. Love all your posts- keep it up! Good luck in Russia! ~Jess

  3. hey bub so you thought i was a jerk huh? just kidding, i knew this already but it took me a minute to get who you were talking about.

    1. I wasn't doing names Sarah! Ha yeah I did, and that was really stupid of me, :(((((( IM SO SORRRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
      Oh and now I see what you mean about ciao, that was a total typo I swear I know how to spell it haha :D I may forget how to spell a lot of things, but I can spell CIAO! Really I can :)


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